5 Great Ways to Find Home Furniture Deals Online

For years, people had very few options when it came to buying home furniture. They could either buy costly new pieces from a furniture store, or obtain used furniture for their home.

However, the internet has provided people with a wealth of options.

Now when you need a new piece of furniture, you aren’t stuck paying high retail prices. You can get incredible deals, score some fantastic pieces of furniture and enjoy some truly amazing savings.

Follow these five tips if you want to get great home furniture deals online.


How To Furnish Your Home On A Budget

New furniture can set you back multiple thousands of pounds – but can you furnish your home to a high standard whilst sticking to a tight budget?

I’m a great believer in you get what you pay for in life, but let’s see if this is even possible.

Used furniture is certainly cheaper than buying new and there’s no doubt there is some quality furniture to be found by going the second-hand route.

bored-computerHowever, finding good quality used furniture can take weeks or even months of research and daily tracking of all the deal sites as I explained in my previous post here.

So when we consider the time that goes into finding these deals, they suddenly don’t seem as cheap. I guess you have to ask yourself what your time is worth.

If you quite enjoy hunting down bargains online and in charity shops etc. then this may be a good way to go. For me, I value my free time a great deal so the weeks or months of research just isn’t appealing to me.

So Where Do You Start On Your Search For Discount Furniture?

I would first check out the most popular sites such as these:

Watching these sites every day for a week will often turn up some good furniture for you to take a closer look at.

However, there is a danger that you get stuck in research mode. So my advice would be to get out the trusty notepad and make a list of the exact items you are looking for to keep you on track.

If you are stuck as to what to put on your list, check out some of the categories on the Trade Furniture Company site as they have a good selection.

Many furniture stores have online catalogues which are open for public viewing. They also state the various prices including the available deals and discounts.

This brings me to my next tip, if going the used route is not for you. Keep an eye on the quality furniture sites for special deals you can find around certain times of year. Like a Spring sale, or even Black Friday which seems to have really taken off here in the UK this year.

What About Going Offline?

Another idea and something I helped a friend with recently, is to go to the large furniture showroom shops and make a wish list of the makes and models of furniture you want to purchase.

Then when you get home that evening, jump online and do some searches in Google. I guarantee you will find it cheaper than the showrooms.

Antique shops are also worth looking at. Do a search in Google for your local antique shops and go check them out. You may think that antique furniture will always be out of your price range, but I’ve seen some great stuff for cheaper than you could buy new.

Why not check out places like cash converters as well – this is one of my trade secrets as to how I’m able to find quality pine and oak furniture for ridiculous prices.

My final piece of advice is to consider picking up the furniture yourself if you have a friend with a van you can borrow. This will often save you a few hundred quid on it’s own.

In my next post I’ll talk about the option of buying run-down furniture and restoring it yourself – this is not for beginners though obviously.

Here is a sneak peak of the kind of thing I am talking about.


If you have any resources on sites that offer good pricing on home furniture, please share them in the comments below.